Owning Harry Potter, 1/?

Title: Owning Harry Potter
Pairings: Harry Potter/Draco Malfoy, Harry Potter/OMC (mention only)
Rating/Warnings: FRAO (18); graphic BDSM, implied child neglect, BDSM training, Extremely Dubious Consent
Genre: AU (Voldemort died when Harry was one), Post-Hogwarts Era, Snape-raises-Harry, Angst, BDSM, Bottom!Harry
Disclaimer: Harry Potter belongs to J K Rowling. Not me.
Summary: Harry, at 22, thought that he didn't need his adoptive parent Severus Snape any longer. He thought teaching at Durmstang would free him. However when a scandal sends him back to England, his guardian is there to remind him how much of a failure he was and inform him that because he unwittingly declared himself a Submissive in front of the entire Wizarding World, that he is now legally obliged to have a legal guardian until he is collared.
AN//: This is cross posted from my AO3 account
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Debriel Big Bang entry (2012) Masterpost


Title: You are where I want to be

Characters: Dean Winchester, Gabriel Milton, Sam Winchester, Bobby Singer, John Winchester, Castiel Milton, Anna Milton, Ellen Harvelle, Jo Harvelle, Bela Talbot, Max Miller (1x14), Alastair, Eve, cameos from Missouri Moseley (1x09), Zachariah Adler, Lucifer and Michael.

Pairings: Dean/Gabriel, [Dean/Bela (briefly), Dean/Alastair (non-con, underage), Gabriel/Kali (briefly)]

Genre: Slash (with hints of het), human!AU

Rating: FRMO (for subject matter, swearing, and sexual scenes)

Warnings: Child abuse (sexual, extreme under-age, but not graphic), child neglect, age difference between main romantic pairing, alcoholic!John, psychological conditions discussed and described in reference to a main character, off-screen suicide of minor character, .

Disclaimer: Eric Kripke is responsible for the awesomeness that is Supernatural. I'm just playing in his sandbox and making a mess as usual!

Summary: Dean and Sam were both put in the foster system as kids, but where Sam went to a safe loving home with Ellen Harvelle, Dean was placed with Alastair and Eve to face years of abuse. Finally, as a pre-teen, he is rescued by a Gabriel, a doctor who isn't willing to overlook the bruises of a scared kid. Years later Gabe and Dean are still close, but while Dean used to feel only hero-worship towards the doctor, his crush is growing and maturing as he does but before he can possibly have a relationship with Gabriel they both have to face their demons.

AN1// Thanks to Anoif89 for being by beta.

AN2// Information on selective mutism was found on Wikipedia and is not intended to be a valid psychological diagnosis in this story. I'm sorry for any errors.

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