This is a SPOILER poll for 3x04 (Day Four). Please DO NOT POST SPOILERS FOR DAY FIVE (as I wish to remain UNSPOILT). Thank you. For some questions you can chose more than one answer. Thanks.

Poll #1427719 Ianto Jones and Day Four

Is Ianto your favourite charcater (out of Jack, Gwen, Ianto)

No - I like Jack more
No - I like Gwen more
No - I don't have a favourite

What did you think of his death scene?

Too Janto
Not enough Janto
Not heroic enough
It was okay

Would you approve an (unlikely) 'reset button' to bring him back in Day Five?

No - that's too much like Rhys
No - that's awful sci-fi
No - just because
Yes - anything to get him back

DO you think killing of Ianto was a good move plot-wise?


Will you continue to watch the show even if he stays dead?

Yes - I watch for the Sci-fi
No - I am hardcore Janto
No - I am a Ianto fan
No - I won't watch a show that kills of over half its cast in basically six episodes
Yes - I would like to see what happens next
Yes - I am unaffected by his death
No - I don't like what they have done with series three
No - because I don't believe there will be a series four now

WHat was your reaction to the deaths of Tosh and Owen in season two?

Devestated they were the best!
Upset but it was a plot move and made scence
Ok because I watch for teh sci-fi
OMG I'm still crying over that it was WAY more sad than Ianto!!!
Well at least their deaths had a purpose - why did Ianto die???
Owen had to die but why did they kill Tosh???
Ianto's death is far worse (OMG I CAN'T BELIEVE HE IS DEAD!!!)

Have you ever watched Torchwood before series three?

Yes - religiously (Jack H is a GOD!)
Yes - on/off
Yes - mostly
Yes - I just started watching all the series

IGNORNING Ianto's death - what rating would you give this episode?

Mean: 7.96 Median: 8 Std. Dev 1.86

Do you think Jack will remember Ianto in a thousand years time?

Of course!
No way
I'm a Janto fan so I would like to believe yes

I have to say, though I'll continue watching Torchwood regardless... if they don't bring Ianto back it sure as hell won't be in any way that could be counted towards ratings.
I'm a little confused? Can you clarify this; if they don't bring Ianto back it sure as hell won't be in any way that could be counted towards ratings. ?? I am sleep deprived - sorry!
Errr.... if they don't bring Ianto back I won't watch the show in any way that'd contribute to the ratings.
Your "he is just resting" made me smile, thank you!
I think I'll make it my new mantra, "not dead, just resting" over and over again. If we believe it, he will come?

And for season four, if there will be one, either they have to bring back Ianto, no matter how much of Deus ex machina it has to be or the ratings will drop immediately.
People might still watch it (most of us will stay in denial), but not on the telly!

I don't think RTD is stupid either, just a cruel, sadistic bastard.
I would be very suprised if they got a season 4. By season I mean a full 13 episodes. If they did I would give it a try but it would essentually be the Gwen cooper show I think. If that was the case then no I would not continue watching. They have essentually killed off half the cast in 6 episodes. Now If they had killed him off with Tosh and Owen I think that would have made more sence plot wise and maybe not acceptable but easier for me to swollow.

Ianto's death was just well pointless. Though before everyone gets up in arms it would be worth finding out if GDL asked to be let out of the show and was willing to come back for another season or if this was RTD having a god complex ego rules moment. (If that was the case then if his name is attatched to anything new you can bet your boots I would not be watching as I do not rate his writing skills. Heck even if this was not the case. )
I felt Ianto's death was really well handled - though I'm not happy it happened, it was exceptionally well acted. I don't understand why so many people have interpreted Jack's reaction to mean he doesn't deeply care for Ianto.
i agree - i think the death scene was amazing although i HATE that he is dead. I think when he was saying 'don't' after Ianto confessed his love it meant 'don't because i don't deserve your love this is my fault you are dying' sort of thing. also a kinda 'don't say goodbye' because jack can't bare it. i mean - he said 'i take it back - anything but him' which basically means he was willing to sacrifice 10% of the worlds kids for Ianto!!! SOO romantic - Jack obviously loved him.
I don't want a season 4 in which everyone (Tosh, Owen, Ianto) "just" gets replaced. I don't want an entirely new team, I just want Ianto to come back to life. :(
I'm not dealing with this very well, sorry!

I love that you did a poll regarding last night's episode, though. Good to see what everyone else thinks.
dnt worry im not either i do not want to see a new team i just want ianto back =[

RTD has propa done a bad thing now i think viewing will go down because of it i mean there is soo many ways they can bring him back

and i do no belive he is dead just like caerdydd_ar_gau said he is just resting =]

I will continue to watch Torchwood. I want to see what next for them.

And yes - i don't want to see everyone get replaced either. someone commented its like they are restting the series so the changover of channel gets new cast (basically) but i won't watch it then because it isn't the torchwood i love. i find the idea repulsive.
No Spoilers for Ep 5 or any other future events please!
I don't think there will be a season 4.

I mean, Ianto's dead (although I would love for that to change), they've lost the hub and all their equiptment and potentially the SUV and Gwen's pregnant. She's going to be sidelined for the next nine months at least. Rhys and Jack would allow nothing else. And after that, she might decide she can't leave her child without a mother and leave Torchwood. Motherhood changes people's perspectives I've heard. That leaves Jack alone - I can't see him wanting to find a new team immediatley - and that won't be Torchwood.

Just my opinion, but I think they're gearing up to end it. It was never going to last forver and I don't think it can last without Jack - unfortunatly, John Barrowman doesn't share Jack's slow aging process, so can't carry on doing Torchwood forever. The PTB may be ending it with a bang rather than a whimper.

I wish it hadn't been at the cost of Ianto's life though.
I second all of this.
I understand that in a show like Torchwood things like these are bound to happen sooner than in any other show, but taking Ianto this way after Tosh and Owen was a bad move.
It made us react, yes, and that's the purpose of it all, but what about the consequences? Did they actually think that there wouldn't be bad consequences when killing yet another member of the team and then they would just move on to another season like nothing happened?
Of course there'll still be a lot of people watching if there's ever gonna be a 4th season, but it won't be the same thing anymore, I guess.
I'm gutted by Ianto's death, but they both better get awards for the acting. And hell, there's always fanfic!
The only reason I carried on watching after Tosh and Owen was because there was still Ianto and Gwen. Now Ianto's gone, and I agree it seems like they're setting up to end it. I hope they are now, because I couldn't stand another season with the main reason why I watched in the first place more or less gone - the ensemble cast. A new team wouldn't cut it, and now there's not even Janto to make up for it. The show died with Ianto, imo.
I agree. I was sad we lost Owen and Tosh and Glad the writers didn't replace then right away.

I was hoping that the writers were planning on seeing how sereis 3 goes with just Jack,Gwen and Ianto and keep it like that for series 4.

If they do a series 4 are they just going to replace Ianto or bring three new people? I not sure I could cope with that :/
I could of coped if it was the three of them and introducing one more to the cast in series 4

I don't think a series 4 will work with just Jack and Gwen as much as I love them there going to bring new people in.

I hope somehow they will bring him back for series 4.

Torchwood is my fave show and I have loved series 3. But it's not really the same old Torchwood there is nothing left of the original show expect Jack and Gwen.

Torchwood's hub sounds like it not coming back which is a shame I love the hub. Can you imagne doctor who with no tardis.

If they do a series 4 and not bring back Ianto and the hub, I will watch to see what happens but If I don't like it I'll turn it off.

All I can say is why??
The thing that is keeps bothering me:
Ianto really died like a dog...just like Jack said, it was beautiful, but still...

I'm still depressed and I don't know if I can even watch the last episode. It seems to get even more depressing and even darker...and Jack seems to lose everyone and everything. (And we won’t hear him saying Iantooo…..*sob* ever again)

I if there is a 4th season I’m not gona watch it.
Ianto was the best, even though I really like Gwen and Jack and Rhys....but Ianto was my favorite and I don't see them going on without him and his sarcastic little comments.
What I'm upset about the most its not that Ianto died, but how he died. Everyone is so "Janto" obsessed, but in all of this I don't really care much about Jack, I love the paring but I love Ianto so much more. While the death scene was beautiful, I thought that it was UTTER CRAP that Ianto's death didn't have a real purpose. I always said that I could accept him being killed as long as he went kicking some arse.

In the end it was slightly pathetic, since he couldn't even shot the alien down. The reason he's dead is that he was always defined by his relationship with Jack. Well, fuck it! He was amazing all on his own and he should have had an amazing and heroic death, instead of dying in some pointless way.

He deserved better.
Yes, if he'd died for a reason I would have a different reaction to it. Basically the only reason he was in that room, especially after the writers made a point of saying that Jack had to face the aliens alone before because they were so dangerous, was so he could be killed off.
I'm heartbroken that he died, but that it was so poorly reasoned and simply pointless is what's made me upset that I don't want to watch the finale tonight.
*bridge pinch* In the face of dying, we did get what we want. However, if a reset occurs, it won't be akin to Rhys', where oh, everyone forgot a demon raged inside all the Bilis tampering.

People obviously died, else Jack wouldn't have keeled over, but an airborne agent? I'm suspect to the properties. I can equally accept that everyone inside is dead as much as I can accept them all miraculously reviving because of a reversal agent.

Though really, if Ianto /is/ dead, they would need one hell of a game plan in mind to stack an S4 before its production, in case the series continues, to make up for the severe lack of characters. It's one thing in Doctor Who to trade companions around, but Torchwood's got the same design as any show like Law&Order: cast must come in gradually, not all at once.

So on that note, they'll need to kidnap Martha and reinstate Mickey, then possibly bribe back John Hart (because they really do need a blond), because two of the three have already been on the show, and if Mickey's the only one needed a good 'splainin', that's two less than...oh....two/three people we've never seen before and needing subsequent storytelling.

...So yeah, money on Ianto not really dead, because who the hell can think that far ahead and hope it works with no "scheduling conflicts" in preparation for a S4 (if there is one)?

And if there isn't, tonight's episode better be one hell of a place to end the series, just in case.

.....They already blew up the Plass. Excuse for a set overhaul?
I'll still watch it (honestly, I know I'm in the minority, but I wasn't really that attached to Ianto - I really only started to like him this series, and three episodes weren't enough to get me that attached to him). My only hope is that whoever they replace him, Tosh, and Owen with makes just as good a team (if not better, even). I'm also hoping that his death affects Jack's character in some major way - I can't see what purpose it would've served thematically if not, because it certainly didn't contribute to the plot.

In addition, if they decided to kill off Gwen too and just start from scratch, excepting Jack, I wouldn't be too heart-broken. I'm not really looking forward to having a baby on the show anyway...

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I love Ianto too much- his death scene was amazing in certain ways. It really affected me, more than Tosh and Owen's death, and I really cried at that. Ianto's death had me crying for about an hour. But I think- and agree with a lot of people here- that his death had no true meaning. He died just because... he could- just to show that after he'd told Jack to care more, that Jack could. I'm not a massive Janto fan, but on some levels I can understand why that was there... but did Ianto really have to die to PROVE that?

As to whether I'd watch the next series; even though I've threatened I'm not even watching Day 5, yes, I probably would watch the next series. But I don't just want random replacements that Jack and Gwen pick up off the streets; that would be an awful series. Truth be told, I want Ianto back- as I'm sure everyone else does. I knew his death would come at some point, I just didn't realise it'd be so soon.

Personally, I think they're coming to the end of Torchwood. Unless Ianto comes back to life, or as has already been mentioned- there's a big 'reset' button that Jack has to put to get everything back to normal (just like before), I don't know how they could continue- which is sad, because Torchwood is one of THE best shows out there.
Sorry, I don't have anything really coherant to add - I'm still in shock. Ianto was my favourite character and I just can't seem to make myself accept that he is gone for good ... though my tv program has been crumpled beyond recognition and my tv screen got pelted by couch pillows!! :(
This might be very shallow of me
I can't believe how fool I was to believe those who said that the fans (in general) wouldn't be disappointed by series three. Actors, producers and director included!

On the Ianto "subject" we were told there would be a deeper character development, that we would know more about Ianto's past, his lonely, where he lived and all those stuff we, fans, were claiming for since second series ended. As a Ianto fan, I’m still waiting for all of these, what we had on series 3 wasn't enough.
On the “Janto”matter, we were told that the Janto relationship was the “heart of the show”. They have such a nice way of showing it. Breaking our hearts like this.

And now the only thing I wish it is that third series had never existed. I was happy with all the speculations about all of the aforementioned subjects.

I’m sorry for the rambling rant, I’m just inconsolable.
I don’t believe I can watch this show anymore (not without Ianto). Even if they introduce new characters in the new series (if there will be one), the thought of having another favourite character killed off like this, it’s just too painful. And I don't like Jack that much to watch the show just for him.

Although, we can never forget that this is a Sci-Fi show and anything can happen.
This is how far the optimistic in me goes, today.
Sorry for possible mistakes. :(
Same, I would be happy for this series to vanish not only because Ianto died but because it's changed everything we loved in the show, from the characters to the Hub.
I hate the way he continually messes around with your mind, I hate the way he does these things all the time.
I hate the way he gets away with writing stories that have plot holes so big you can hide 27 planets in them.
I shall not be watching another series, why would I??
To get all this rubbish piled on me almost seems like a thought out ploy...let's see who they like best then kill them, so why not kill Gwen, she seems popular enough!
No, this is just silly.
I actually never thought there was going to be another series, so they must be as embarrassed as all got out by the ratings, (which topped 6.2 MILLION last night)
I would love, just LOVE to see the ratings plummet can I watch without being counted...I only want to watch the end, I am really no longer interested in watching the show, I have no desire to watch WonderGwen save the world!
Torrent that puppy! What ever you do don't use the BBC iPlayer since that will still count towards the ratings I'm sure.

Please I am old and incompetent, what is Torrent??
I had worked out I could not use iPlayer......
Well I've already written my letter to BBCA informing them I will not be watching series 3 when it airs here in a little more than a week.

Also told them that because Julie Gardner was their new head of scripted programs (I think that's right) that I won't be watching their channel AT ALL. If she couldn't see what a horrid idea it was killing off over half the cast in basically six episodes is and was unable to talk RTD out of it then I can't think that any project she has anything to do with will be worth a tinker's damn. So no more BBCA for me.

Also decided not to make the freaking HUGE order of books, audio books, DVDs & CDs I was getting ready to make. I need to find out how much the actors & writers get before I can think about buying them.

And no I've never come anywhere even close to this kind of reaction to a TV show before. I might even go so far as to say this isn't like me at all, I usually just fuss & grumble a bit and don't worry about it if I miss an episode and slowly just stop watching the show. But this, THIS has me writing letters and actively boycotting things. Weird.

I feel the same way, we should all boycott episode five.
I cannot watch ep 4, but I have recorded it, so it has been counted.
"Yes - I just started watching all the series" made me smile sadly. I started watching Torchwood a couple of months ago with my friend, because I had just introduced her to Doctor Who and we'd run out of new material. I hated it by "Countrycide," was won over by "Out of Time" and "Captain Jack Harkness," and really enjoyed the second series. The finale was upsetting, but I confess that I'd been spoiled since before I ever watched because of people crying on the internet, so it wasn't as bad as it could have been. Series 3 I had been thinking was EXCELLENT - well-written, exciting, lots of Ianto, genuinely scary - but I prefer my genuine scaryness to be leveled with eventual hope and triumph, and with this epic marring of hope, I don't know if I can find any happiness or excellence in today's episode unless something is reversed.

It's just that I watch these shows to be entertained, dammit, and I'm still slightly in bits from last Doctor Who season! If RTD thinks the only good story is one that ends badly, I am going to be unable to watch his "good stories" for the sake of sanity ;_;
i wept when i watched it this morning and my mantra all day has been "he'll be fine, he'll be fine" but I really don't think he's coming back :( it feels like the end to me - like someone said the hub's destroyed as well as half the cast and I just don't see how you could carry on after that.
so now my mantra is "reset, reset, reset" even though I've seen the trailer for tonight's show because that's the only way they'll be able to continue :(
Most of my answers seem to be not what the majority chose.
However, I already watched the last episode of CoE and created my own world of reasons and necessities and blind RTD faith and am pretty much resigned to inevitability now so that may be why.
I think it'd be interesting to re-do this poll or a similar one now that everyone watched the final ending.
i'd watch a series 4 just to see how they think they can continue going on after everything's that's happened.

Even if they did find a way to bring ianto back, it would be horribly awkward to make it fit into a logical plotline. (I had a big-ish rant about the particulars, but it was rather chok-full of day 5 spoilers, so i erased it...)

I honestly have no idea if they could manage a series 4 with three main-characters dead, the hub blown to bits, and the remaining two characters "otherwise incapacitated" (again with an attempt to not spoil episode 5, incase anyone reading this has not, but wants to, see episode 5).